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13 December 2017
Proliferation of rats in Sant Cugat del Vallès

Due to the intense activity of construction of flats that is taking place in Sant Cugat del Vallès and the movement of lands that it entails, in neighborhoods like Volpelleres

27 November 2017
First Death in the World for the Contagion of Tick Viruses after Cat Bite

The international scientific community has recently been alerted to the death of a woman in Japan, provoked in the last term by the bite of a stray cat. It had

20 November 2017
New outbreak of legionellosis in Catalonia

The Public Health Agency of Catalonia (ASPCAT) has recently opened an investigation, jointly with the City Council of Llinars del Vallès to detect the origin of an outbreak of legionellosis

07 November 2017
Dangerous Spiders and Where to Find Them

Spiders are one of the most feared insects in Spain. One of the most widespread reasons is because they sting and are poisonous. But not all of them are so.

14 October 2017
Argentine Parrots, an Increasingly Pressing Problem

Parrots are a species that leaves no one feeling indifferent. Since the nineties, they have been reproducing in our country until reaching the superpopulation. Their growth rate increases every day.

07 July 2017
New Lethal Parasite due to Global Warming

A lethal worm that breeds in gastropods (like Earth snails) has caused global alarm. The parasite causes the so-called ' rat lung disease '. It can also affect humans and

04 July 2017
Insect pests: The most dangerous in summer…

Now that it's summer, and especially if we travel, you need to be especially careful with insect pests. In recent years, the number of pests has increased due to high temperatures.

17 June 2017
Measures of Prevention against Mosquitoes

Now that summer is coming, mosquitoes are coming, too. Public administrations are responsible for controlling the situation and thus pest control take charge controlling the situation and this way, pest

02 June 2017
American Blue Crab: Emergent Invasive Species?

A new invading species has been detected in the Delta of the Ebro, Catalonia. ' Blue American crab ' or also so called ' Callinectes sapidus ', comes from the

16 May 2017
The Naked Mole-Rat: a “Rara Avis”

Not all rats are susceptible to passing pest control. Here we have an incredible example, the naked mole rat or Heterocephalus glaber, a very peculiar rodent. This mammal comes from

05 May 2017
The Future of Space Travel of Human Beings and some Species’ DNA…

Manknd faces in the next decades a fundamental challenge: attain the viability of other planets' colonization, by means of developing new technologies and the help of genetic engineering, to avoid obliteration

30 April 2017
Ecologist Alert in Europe due to Transgenic Flies Release

Several ecological organizations across Europe have reported this week the plans of the British company Oxitec, who has the intention to release almost 2 million transgenic olive flies.Led by Greenpeace, these