Lactalis’s salmonellosis already affects more than 80 countries …

The trace of the plague of salmonellosis in the dairy products of the French company Lactalis continues to spread like wildfire. It's  already more than 80 countries, according to the company, affected by the infection that has already compromised dozens of babies and that has caused the withdrawal of multiple lots potentially contaminated. Fortunately, the more than 35 babies infected in the French country, have evolved favorably from the infection. The maternal milk powder of Lactalis, one of the most consumed milk on the planet, has left a trace in Spain, with an infected baby in Vizcaya, for now. The focus of this bacterium was the factory located in Craon, in western France, which was closed. Radan Desintec specializes in...

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Don’t let the bed bugs bite!

One out of every five people suffers, on average, the attack of the fearsome bed bugs. Bed bugs have been bothering mankind for the past 3,000 years. And in recent times, they attack again with boldness. Tiny as an ants, they feed on the blood of mammals and insects and have a special predilection for the blood of humans. Then, a few remedies to prevent bedbugs to avoid they complicate our existence. 1. Travelling. When we travel, we take the risk of running into them, in hotels or hostels. Having a large influx of different people coming and going, the risk is great. Ideally, avoid putting our suitcases on the floor. It is best to leave them on the desk...

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Proliferation of rats in Sant Cugat del Vallès

Due to the intense activity of construction of flats that is taking place in Sant Cugat del Vallès and the movement of lands that it entails, in neighborhoods like Volpelleres neighbors have reported the great proliferation of rats. The City Council of Sant Cugat, together with the respective neighborhood associations of the affected areas, is trying to control the situation. On a private level, if we have problems with rats locally, we can always resort to solutions from private companies, highly recommended. RADAN DESINTEC IS A SPECIALIST IN RAT PEST CONTROL. UNCOMMITTED BUDGETS.

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First Death in the World for the Contagion of Tick Viruses after Cat Bite

tick bite

The international scientific community has recently been alerted to the death of a woman in Japan, provoked in the last term by the bite of a stray cat. It had the SFTS virus (high fever syndrome with thrombocytopenia), a disease caused by tick bite. Unfortunately, the woman died a few days after the event. The symptoms of the sting are joint pains, fever, diarrhea and vomiting. People over 50 years tend to be more exposed to the attack of the virus. Although experts claim that human risk is not very high, treatment has not yet been found to cure the disease. We have not found cases such as this one. In order to be able to deal properly with stray animals, we...

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New outbreak of legionellosis in Catalonia


The Public Health Agency of Catalonia (ASPCAT) has recently opened an investigation, jointly with the City Council of Llinars del Vallès to detect the origin of an outbreak of legionellosis that has been registered in the Catalan municipality. Five people, two men and three elderly women, registered the first symptoms at the end of October. The environmental and epidemiological research tasks have been initiated by the ASPCat to detect the outbreak focus and prevent more people from being infected. Among other measures, risky facilities have been inspected and water samples taken from cooling towers and other risk areas. The City Council of Llinars, for its part, has closed decorative fountains and similar elements, such as sprinkler irrigation systems or street...

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Dangerous Spiders and Where to Find Them


Spiders are one of the most feared insects in Spain. One of the most widespread reasons is because they sting and are poisonous. But not all of them are so. In order to capture their prey, they throw poison and cause their death. A sting may cause rashes, punctures, or lumps, accompanied by unusual sweating in the irritated area. Here are some of the examples of the most poisonous spiders found in Spain. The European Black Widow (Latrodectus tredecimguttatus) usually lives in clear places. It is black and some may have a reddish color in the abdominal area. The venom of this spider is deadly. The Yellow sack spider (Cheiracanthium punctorium) is nocturnal and its sting may cause nausea and...

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Argentine Parrots, an Increasingly Pressing Problem


Parrots are a species that leaves no one feeling indifferent. Since the nineties, they have been reproducing in our country until reaching the superpopulation. Their growth rate increases every day. Experts, animal groups and local corporations worry that the real numbers could be higher. The Argentinian and the Kramer parrots foreign birds. The problem arose when people acquired it as pets. These species are wild and therefore attacked their owners and left them free. Now the consequences can become irreversible. They are damaging crops, trees and animals at risk of extinction. They compete in space with other species and are quite violent. Their nests are noisy and can be found, for example, in lampposts, lighting systems or trees. Different methods...

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New Lethal Parasite due to Global Warming


A lethal worm that breeds in gastropods (like Earth snails) has caused global alarm. The parasite causes the so-called ' rat lung disease '. It can also affect humans and animals by causing meningitis or other serious illnesses. This rare case can become deadly because it attacks the nervous system and the spine, two fundamental pillars of the human body. The causes of parasite graft are raw or poorly cooked products. Keep food clean, cook and wash your hands constantly so that you can avoid this kind of risk. This worm has expanded due to global warming, so it is resistant to high temperatures. RADAN DESINTEC IS A PEST CONTROL SPECIALIST. ASK FOR A BUDGET WITHOUT COMMITMENT.

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Insect pests: The most dangerous in summer…


Now that it's summer, and especially if we travel, you need to be especially careful with insect pests. In recent years, the number of pests has increased due to high temperatures. Follow our recommendations about the most common pests and their treatments in order to enjoy your summer. Mosquitoes, in some exotic countries, are a dangerous pest as their stings can become very painful. They can also transmit several diseases, such as malaria or yellow fever. We have to be careful, it depends on where we travel to. West Nile virus symptoms are fatigue, headache, fever, and physical pain. Mosquitoes usually appear during sunrise and dusk, so try not to go out at those hours. Removing stagnant water, emptying pots and...

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Measures of Prevention against Mosquitoes


Now that summer is coming, mosquitoes are coming, too. Public administrations are responsible for controlling the situation and thus pest control take charge controlling the situation and this way, pest control is essential to combat these insects. As citizens, we must know what to do to face such situations. It is highly recommended to clean cans, spills, or drains as they are concentrated there most of the times. We must constantly check our home, such as swimming pools, unused untensils or cisterns. The Asian Tiger Mosquito is one of the most feared species in the world. It lives in both humid and warm climates. It is an invasive species which affected many areas. The heat and the existence of stagnant waters are...

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