The ability to respond to unexpected pests is a very important part of our quality. Radan Desintec has Customer Service Services 24h, 365 days a year serviced by a Guard Supervisor.


Radan Desintec is committed to new technologies, both pest control and information management.


Radan Desintec is committed to respect for the environment, we are effective in controlling pests without causing collateral impact on people, property or the environment. Our protocols and the technical preparation of our technicians are the guarantee.

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15 May 2018
Hypocritical mosquitoes!! They don’t like rain, but its consequences!

Spring is being very rainy in Spain so we can already prepare for a 'good summer season' of mosquitoes. However, oddly enough, our fearsome enemies every summer, tiger mosquito as

18 April 2018
Endotherapy against the pine processionary

In Radan Desintec we are specialized in the treatment of the pine processionary through endotherapy, a very effective technique that involves applying small injections to the trunk of the affected

16 March 2018
Damn Rodents! Avoid our cats have rat trouble!

Having rats at home is more common than we can think about. When our cats are alert or at night, they are sweeping the strangest places, it's because they notice