Insect pests: The most dangerous in summer…


Now that it’s summer, and especially if we travel, you need to be especially careful with insect pests. In recent years, the number of pests has increased due to high temperatures. Follow our recommendations about the most common pests and their treatments in order to enjoy your summer.

Mosquitoes, in some exotic countries, are a dangerous pest as their stings can become very painful. They can also transmit several diseases, such as malaria or yellow fever. We have to be careful, it depends on where we travel to. West Nile virus symptoms are fatigue, headache, fever, and physical pain. Mosquitoes usually appear during sunrise and dusk, so try not to go out at those hours. Removing stagnant water, emptying pots and checking pools or other water container objects are always useful remedies, wherever we go. Ticks can cause disease to animals and humans. The deer tick can affect the nervous system and joints. Wear colorful, long sleeves and trousers in areas with lots of vegetation. Keep the lawn of your house cut and held. You can find bees and wasps usually in barbecues or swimming pools. You must take special care of the hives. When they feel threatened they attack in a very aggressive way. The most at-risk people are children, the elderly, and people with allergies. We recommend wearing clogged shoes, painting worn wood and keeping clean, enclosed trash sites. These tips can help prevent the attacks of these insects and enjoy a better summer.