Don’t let the bed bugs bite!

One out of every five people suffers, on average, the attack of the fearsome bed bugs. Bed bugs have been bothering mankind for the past 3,000 years. And in recent times, they attack again with boldness. Tiny as an ants, they feed on the blood of mammals and insects and have a special predilection for the blood of humans. Then, a few remedies to prevent bedbugs to avoid they complicate our existence.

1. Travelling. When we travel, we take the risk of running into them, in hotels or hostels. Having a large influx of different people coming and going, the risk is great. Ideally, avoid putting our suitcases on the floor. It is best to leave them on the desk or any hard and visible surface, where we can locate them if they appear. On the other hand, when you get to the hotel room where we stay, it is best to try to locate if there are bed bugs in it. Use the flashlight of your mobile phone to discover if they are in the sheets of mattresses or in the headboard of the bed. We will also look for them wherever dust accumulates. Another measure to take will be to keep our used or dirty clothes in a closed bag. They tend to have a predilection for dirty clothes.

2. At home. We will take the same measures as in hotels. In addition, we will pay attention to their smell. Their pheromones give off a peculiar smell.

3. Used clothes, used furniture. If we buy second hand clothes, as soon as we get home we will put it in the dryer at high speed. We will also pay attention to the used furniture that we buy, making sure they are devoid of bed bugs before paying for it.

4. Pest control professionals. If we are infested with bed bugs, before trying to kill them, something complicated and that could be dangerous, it is better to call a specialized company, to end the problem forever.