Hypocritical mosquitoes!! They don’t like rain, but its consequences!

Spring is being very rainy in Spain so we can already prepare for a ‘good summer season’ of mosquitoes. However, oddly enough, our fearsome enemies every summer, tiger mosquito as spearhead, do not like the rain, but its consequences, puddles. Only when it stops raining, female mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant or waterlogged water, and with little more than a cubic centimeter, they already have enough. If there is too much rain, and constant, it can not condense or evaporate or seep into the ground.

Like every summer season, several actions are recommended to control mosquito pests:

  • Empty any water receptacle, such as pots, old tires, etc.
  • Replace the water in the bird receptacles that we have at home every few days.
  • Empty our children’s inflatable pools every few days.
  • Clean the water from the pool covers after it rains.
  • Sweep our water garden and send it to the corresponding drain.