Hypocritical mosquitoes!! They don’t like rain, but its consequences!

Spring is being very rainy in Spain so we can already prepare for a 'good summer season' of mosquitoes. However, oddly enough, our fearsome enemies every summer, tiger mosquito as spearhead, do not like the rain, but its consequences, puddles. Only when it stops raining, female mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant or waterlogged water, and with little more than a cubic centimeter, they already have enough. If there is too much rain, and constant, it can not condense or evaporate or seep into the ground. Like every summer season, several actions are recommended to control mosquito pests: Empty any water receptacle, such as pots, old tires, etc. Replace the water in the bird receptacles that we have at home...

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First Death in the World for the Contagion of Tick Viruses after Cat Bite

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The international scientific community has recently been alerted to the death of a woman in Japan, provoked in the last term by the bite of a stray cat. It had the SFTS virus (high fever syndrome with thrombocytopenia), a disease caused by tick bite. Unfortunately, the woman died a few days after the event. The symptoms of the sting are joint pains, fever, diarrhea and vomiting. People over 50 years tend to be more exposed to the attack of the virus. Although experts claim that human risk is not very high, treatment has not yet been found to cure the disease. We have not found cases such as this one. In order to be able to deal properly with stray animals, we...

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Argentine Parrots, an Increasingly Pressing Problem

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Parrots are a species that leaves no one feeling indifferent. Since the nineties, they have been reproducing in our country until reaching the superpopulation. Their growth rate increases every day. Experts, animal groups and local corporations worry that the real numbers could be higher. The Argentinian and the Kramer parrots foreign birds. The problem arose when people acquired it as pets. These species are wild and therefore attacked their owners and left them free. Now the consequences can become irreversible. They are damaging crops, trees and animals at risk of extinction. They compete in space with other species and are quite violent. Their nests are noisy and can be found, for example, in lampposts, lighting systems or trees. Different methods...

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