A “pest” is defined as a set living things, for its abundance and / or characteristics, are involved in transfer of infectious diseases to humans and damage to habitat and human well-being (WHO 1988).

For Pest Control we work as a methodology, known as Integrated Control.

The Integrated Control as we know it today was born in the U.S. inthe 50’s as a result of social awareness, the indiscriminate use ofpesticides in the agricultural environment and its consequences for health. The term was quickly adopted by those practices Pest Control in urban areas.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) defines Integrated Control as “the coordinated use of information on the pest and its environment, with pest control methods available to preventunacceptable levels of pest damage by cheaper means  and withless risk to people, property and environment. ”

This definition implies an operational methodology based on a precise diagnosis of the pest, its size and origin. Depending on thediagnosis, we select the control strategy that discriminates positively the environmental safety of the environment, people / goods and efficiency guaranteed.