They are the quintessential urban birdsThey live in most cities in America, Europe and North Africa. Their original diet is grains, cereals and legumes. But in urban areas, the main source is waste food.

Although their natural habitat are crags and cliffs near water, they have adapted masterfully to the gaps of our buildings, which they use for nesting and protection. They don’t lack food and water from our fountains becomes the complement of their cycle of basic needs.


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It is estimated there are 300 species of birds in the world, of which the most common are the Columba livia, Columba Columbarupestris or Leuconata.

Pigeons are monogamous and have a 4-5 year life span, in urban areas, and 15 in rural areas.

Main damages that may result are:

  1. A) Pathologies
  • They transmit parasites: Portadoras de parásitos: ticks, lice, bedbugs and mites.
  • They transmit viral diseases occasionaly (Poxvirus), bacterial (Salmonella, Bird Mycobacterium), protozoal (Histomoniasis)and fungal (Criptococosis.)
  • Allergies
  1. B) Structural

The remains of nests and feathers can lead to clogged drains and pipes. The corrosion that produces urine and excrement affectsmonuments and buildings in our cities.

  1. C) Hygiene

The massive presence of feces on our sidewalks, benches and, on many occasions, in the backyards of our homes, are a constantsource of pollution.

Radan Desintec Control Method

The Control Method of Radan Desintec is to protect properties and people from nesting or settlements. We always seek the solution that causes less damage to the animal at all times and we offer the lowest possible visual impact.

These are the main ways:

  • Ecopic Nets System
  • Avipoint Spike method
  • Birdware posts and wires
  • Avishock totally discrete electrical path ways
  • Bird Eraser System. Light Chasers

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Curiosities on pigeons

In cities such as Barcelona, it is estimated a population of about 166,000 copies, which generate over 230 tons of excrement called “pigeon droppings.” That is an excellent fertilizer rich in nitrogen, phosphoric acid. This fertilizer is very corrosive and explosive.

Their orientation ability and tenacity make them very useful as messengers in the most extreme conditions.
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